Dear Rapporteurs!

I am pleased to inform you that with the publisher of the Central Europe Announcements, according to the partnership aggrement with Association for Central Europe Research and to the interpreted research in the coference, the top 10 social sciences themed Hungarian article has done, which will be published at Central Europe Announcements classified in category C by the MTA IX in 2017 spring. The other articles will be published in 2017 spring in the electronic, and in 2017 fall in printed form in III. Fiatalok Európában Conference – Conference proceedings.

Consequently, the formal requirement of the article has slightly changed. We enclose the amended author’s statement, the publisher’s reader application form and the template of abstract, furthermore the they are available on the website from today.

Deadline for receipt of articles is 31th January 2017.

The articles have to be sent with scanned author’s statement and publisher’s reader to between 1th January 2017. – 31th of January 2017.

Formal requirement
Article template
publisher’s reader opinion
Author’s statement for one author
author’s statement for two authors