Deadline for the abstract: they have to be sent at registration, but at the very latest until 11th of October 2016. The abstract has to be sent to the official e-mail address of the conference: in the from which is compatible with the MS Word 2003, 2007 or newer.

The articles have to be sent with scanned author’s statement and publisher’s reader to between 1th January 2017. – 31th of January 2017.

We only accept articles which have a publisher’s reader opinion, written by an expert with a PhD/DLA degree, and the same field of studies.

Other requirement is the filled form of Author’s statement.

The accepted, proofread articles will be published in a printed conference volume, in which we indicate the publisher’s reader’s name as well.

Formal Requirements of the ABSTRACT
Guide for the Abstract judgement
Template of Abstract

Formal requirement
Article template
publisher’s reader opinion
Author’s statement for one author
author’s statement for two authors